Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another Daily Challenge

In my life, I find that I must make a formal challenge to myself to get anything done. If I say, "I'll keep the house cleaner, this year," nothing happens.

However, if I say, "I will vacuum and dust every Monday, Wednesday and Friday," it gives me a concrete goal, rather than a vague target, and it will get done. (I probably should do this particular one, in real life!)

So, to improve my drawing (I hope), I am following R. Crumb's direction to "Just draw!" To that end, I am challenging myself to draw at least one sketch per day in a sketchbook dedicated to this goal. This is in addition to any other art I might produce.
2008 is a Leap Year. 366 days, 366 pix.

So, I have the flatbed scanner set up, finally, and I am ready to start posting.
Here goes.

This is a hip-swaying hula girl I got, a while back, for the dash of my car. I liked her so well that I kept her in the house.

Cold weather inspired the Antepodean image, and my Jack posed for the other.

Wine and cigarettes...I like wine, but I'm not sure why I put the ciggy in. It was late, and I had had a couple of glasses...

The other page is just some random doodling. Random doodling is relaxing.


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