Saturday, July 5, 2008


Every time I see the Venus de Milo, I think of a book I read (and reread a number of times) called "The Phantom Toll Booth". The hero of the story was named Milo.
I love that book, and highly recommend it, especially if you are at all interested in how language works.


Anonymous said...

I bought The Phantom Tollbooth for Kyle when he was in the 5th grade and struggling to find something he wanted to read - it is one of his favorites, too, and he is pestering Sean to read it now - it is something of a classic, which I didn't know until after I got it for him - I just remembered how much you liked it.

Anonymous said...

I read that book in one of my teaching methods classes. Our professor was so creative. He had us act out different chapters in the book as a teaching strategy. I loved the book AND had a great time acting in our play. Jon, your illustrations are really coming along! What type of sketch book and supplies do you use?

Jon said...

Thank you, very much, for the kind words.

I used a really cheap sketchbook from Barnes & Noble for the first 6 months worth of drawings. It was just one I had lying about, and had never used due to the low quality of the paper.

The new bok is an unbranded book of "archival quality" paper, which I picked up at Guiry's.

I usually do a sketch with a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, then ink with (mostly) Faber-Castell Pitt art pens, (sometimes) a fountain pen or (rarely) a crow-quill pen point and India Ink.

I like the dip pen, a lot, but I do a lot of these drawings away from the houe (on break at work, at the coffee shop) and the Pitt pens are just a lot easier to carry around and work with when you don't necessarily have a drawing table.